Rules & regulation

  1. The Organisers and partners:
    1. European Draughts Confederation
    2. Polish Draughts Federation
    3. Ludowy Zespół Sportowy w Sępólnie Krajeńskim
    4. Kujawsko-Pomorskie Zrzeszenie LZS w Toruniu
    5. Sępólno Krajeńskie Town
    6. Sępólno Krajeńskie Country
    7. MLKS Krajna Sępolno Krajeńskie
    8. Sport and Recreation Centre of Sępolno Krajeńskie
    9. Arts and Culture Centre of Sępolno Krajeńskie
    10. Towarzystwo Krzewienia Kultury Fizycznej w Sępólnie Krajeńskim
  2. The aims of championships:
    1. Find the best women and men team of Europe
    2. Promotion of Poland and Kuyavia and Pomerania region
  3. Date and place:
    1. EDC Confederation Cup 2012 will be on May, 9-16, 2012 (arrival day May 8th)
    2. Playing hall – Centrum Kultury i Sztuki, Sępólno Krajeńskie, T. Kościuszki 4 (street)
    3. Accommodation for all players and officials at Hotel STADION, Chojnicka 19, Sępólno Krajeńskie (about 700m from playing hall)
    4. Hospitality 80 PLN [20 euro] per person per day in a double room, 120 PLN [30 euro] single rooms. Payment at the place.
  4. Rules for participation:
    1. Applications (not limited number of clubs per country and not limited reserve players) before 20.04.2012 from national federations should be sent by e-mail to EDC office or or mobile +48602129366
    2. Applications should be with full name of club, contacts and list of possible players
    3. Inscription fee – 50 euro (2 persons women team), 100 euro (4 persons men team), 20 euro (blitz championship
  5. Technical details:
    1. Tournament will be played in system depend on participation teams.
    2. Time control 1.20 + 1” (Fisher system)
  6. Prices:
    1. Cups, medals, diploms for 3 places
    2. I place 50%, II place 30% and III place of 20% of inscription fee

With any questions concerning airport transport, visa, accomodation contact Leszek Pętlicki on:
skype: leszek.petlicki
GSM: +48602320496